Internet Business Opportunity- Sell Self Defense Products

The World Wide Web has created many new industries all by itself and enhanced many others. Think of a business today that does not have an internet presence in some way and I’ll show you a business that will fail.

The internet as big as it is now is only in its’ infancy in terms of growth. Now that is a scary thought. It seems some businesses do better than others in that world.

The self defense products business is one of them. Selling stun guns, pepper sprays, hidden cameras, TASERs, home security devices and personal alarms on the internet is one of the few bright spots in a failing economy.

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Width And Resolution Problems Encountered In Website Design

There are millions of computer users browsing the internet every day and each one is looking at a different size monitor using a different resolution. How each person sees the graphics on your website varies depending on their screen and there is no uniform standards for making your site friendly to everyone.

What is Resolution

Screen resolution refers to how many pixels your computer monitor will display, both vertically and horizontally. If you have ever visited a website that did not fit your screen, making you scroll to the right to see the rest of the page, it was not entirely the designer’s fault. The website was just not created with your screen resolution in mind.

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What are the business benefits of NFC mobile phone technology

Near Field Communications, or NFC, is a new technology with unlimited applications.

NFC uses RFID technology built in to the latest generation of mobile phones to scan or swipe small RFID tags, which can be placed just about anywhere. Tags can be programmed to trigger different actions when they are swiped by phones.

Many businesses or organisations have field based operations that need managing in real time. NFC technology gives these businesses leading edge management capability.

NFC can be used in a diverse array of industries with mobile staff, mobile assets, or multiple sites and locations. Because NFC technology uses readily available NFC enabled mobile phones and inexpensive tags, it can be applied anywhere, and by any type of field personnel.

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Reliable Signs that Website Security has Been Breached

Until relatively recently, attacks against websites were fairly easy to spot. In most cases, the hacker or hackers behind such attacks defaced vulnerable websites or simply caused them to crash. Such attacks were typically mass scale in nature and were designed to cause as much damage as possible to a very wide number of targets. In contrast, many of the web attacks these days are far more targeted and stealthy in nature and are designed specifically to evade detection by anti-malware tools and intrusion detection systems. The most common modern goal behind website attacks is often to steal sensitive information such as customer data, financial information and customer data or to extort money from targeted businesses. Detecting such website security compromises can be challenging, but even the most sophisticated attacks often end up leaving telltale signs.

One reliable sign that website security has been compromised is when an internal system suddenly begins to transmit data to an unknown IP address. Web attacks are often launched to steal data from the underlying Web servers and the systems that are attached to it. The theft is typically carried out using malware programs that are capable of sniffing out specific pieces of information and then stealthily sending it out to a remote server from where the stolen data is collected by the attacker. Sometimes, the stolen data can be sent out in a continuous stream via commonly used ports, or sometimes in can be sent out in batches at previously scheduled intervals. In either case, such data transmissions are a good indicator of compromised site security. The rogue traffic can be hard to spot without the proper malware detection and network monitoring tools.

Unexplained traffic slowdowns can be another sign that website security has been compromised. Hackers often employ what are known as distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks to disrupt a websites operations. In a DDoS attack, the network connections linking a website to the Internet become clogged up with useless data packets making it very hard for legitimate traffic to get through. Such attacks are very common these days and are often used to extort money from targeted websites. Dealing with DDoS attacks can be extremely challenging and often require companies to add extra network capacity and traffic filtering tools.

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How I Became An Expert on Services

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