Programming Tutorial Android Development; Andengine

Finally Ive been able to check out the Game programming for Android. Ive found several Android game programming tutorials out there, but none of them were really exciting or user friendly. However, I was able to find an open source game engine which makes the life of a programmer a lot easier when it comes to game programming for the Android platform.


The Andengine is an open source, free game engine strictly aimed at the Android platform. It offers Physics such as gravity or collision checks to the developer. Its based on OpenGL and offers a lot of functions which make the life of a game developer a lot easier. The advantages of this game engine are that you dont need to mess around with OpenGL directly when programming games for Android. You get some easy to use and fancy classes, so you can develop fast and efficient games in no time! Also this game engine is being developed on right now, so its not like a game engine which is dead and has a low user base. Its very wide spread and there are a lot of apps out there on the Android Market (obviously games) which were programming using the AndEngine. However, there is one problem with this game engine, which will probably scare away a lot of users; the documentation. The game engine might be coded fine and you can view the source code, but there is no or low documentation. There are examples out there for basically anything your game developer heart desires, also there is a community that will be glad to help you out, but there is no Javadoc for example, which is a badly wound for the AndEngine. However, its open source and free, so you cant expect more, its just great!

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The benefits of underground water tanks

When thinking about whether to invest in underground water tanks, let me discuss some of its benefits. Underground water tanks can serve as a reservoir for clean water; it is highly durable and can hold so much. Since water is heavy on its own, there is no need to worry for heavy pressure brought about by water so it means that there is no possibility for your water tank to explode. Most manufactured water tanks are built with thick walls in order to last for years and without the risk of leaks brought by normal wear and tear.  Lastly, water is always cool even during hot weather since it is not exposed to heat.

How To Connect Huawei Usb Modem To Android Tablet

Here we take Huawei E153U Modem for Example:

If your E153 USB Modem is the carriers limited version you need to unlocked it first, or you can buy a directly from

Steps for connecting android tablet to Huawei modem:

First, Huawei E153U Modem Unlocking

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Expert Advice For Getting The Payday Advance That Fits Your Preferences

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In today’s arena of quickly speaking salesclerks and frauds, you need to be a well informed consumer, mindful of the information. If you discover yourself within a economic pinch, and needing a fast cash advance, read on. These report are able to offer suggestions, and recommendations you need to know.

Never ever get a payday loan coming from a firm who openly asks for your motor vehicle or any other assets for collateral. Most people are not aware that a legit payday loan never requests for guarantee. As a result lack of know-how, individuals might be out 1000s of dollars. One and only thing these firms need is your lender information and facts and evidence of job.

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MBS As The Provider of Virtual Desktop in Houston

When you have a typical network computers, the programs and applications are fully handled and controlled by the each devices which will be many works to do. In this case, MBS will not let you have such kind of complicated things because this company have something which is easier to be managed. This company works as the virtual server in Houston, TX which will utilize your virtual desktop. By this way, the business owners will save their expenses because this service is very affordable. With affordable prices, your business will have a streamline the administration through the computers which is very easy to use.

A web – based program will help your employees in having an access their own assignments. MBS has already set up all the information in cloud server which is better in use than on an on-site server. This is very efficient both in the expenses and the time in backing up the data. With the could program which is very secure to use, you are even able to access your computer and the virtual desktop anywhere in Houston. It is also fully equipped by the remote access in which you can just log in your computer and start browsing on your emails.

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